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Join the most reactive Vida/Vdash support group on FACEBOOK CLICK HERE

CEM Pin Decoder

Like SVDNS but for America

Vida Facebook Support Group

Vdash Facebook Support Group

Boot&Go! Facebook Support Group

Vida2014d DVD (ISO) ( download You do not need to create an account with to use this link, but it may be slower)

Vida2014d DVD (ISO) (from Google Drive)

EWD Iso (password is VolVo_2014-D/EWD) (You do not need to create an account with to use this link, but it may be slower)

EWD 2014D Repack (More Model support – Torrent magnet – use with a torrent downloader like uTorrent) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3C85707FAF16DB2424E573B38998765F87CD5692&xl )

Vdash (From

Vida User interface update removes bugs like this (Thanks to Rich Hale Parker)

DiCE Drivers

EnableIE Hosting Registry fix

SetFK Language (For changing Vida languages)

Vida Virtual Machines for download (Not My Website!)

Vida 2014D Patch ( Use this Patch once Vida is installed, Stop vida with vida monitor then quit vida monitor and then run the patch. Don’t change the path from c:\!! , or follow this guide )

VxManager Download

W10 Install Guide (Very Hard!)

Block 21H1 Feature update registry patch

Clean out DiCE drivers and start a fresh. Can help with Vdash and Vida not being able to detect DiCE in some circumstances.

Internet explorer in Edge mode 30 day time out fix


  1. Do not download vxdiag. it contains the Program:Win32/Uwamson.A!ml virus.

    1. Pretty sure that’s a false positive David. Its a direct link to VxDiags downloads from their website. If you think Vxdiags website is infected you should let them know.

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