• Hand Held Cem pin decoder from Mod Unlock – Check it out
  • Remote CEM unlocking for use with Vdash (all models from 1999 onwards) from £100 GBP
  • Speed Limiter removal (inc 2021 Polestar cars)
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote Module reloads (from the CEM upwards, particularly popular are P1 platform ECM reloads for immobilizer faults)
  • Key Programming
  • MOST / ITP security delete
  • Other advanced configuration changes not supported by Volvo main dealers
  • Clone Dice Renumber for use with Genuine Vida
  • UK / EU Conversions – including Radio frequency, Dashboard (Dim) language change, MPH to KMH conversion etc etc.

Rental Kit…

The P1 platform (c30, s40, v50) diesel ECM’s loose the immobilizer sync in certain low voltage conditions. Its seen all too often.

Repair requires towing the vehicle to the nearest Volvo dealership for an ECM reload

I offer a fully remote service without any hardware outlay. This pack contains everything required to get your car running again.

Mobile data enabled laptop

Laptop charger Dice unit

Battery charger

Extension lead

The pack can also be rented for other work such as cem pin decode, emc pin decode as well upgrades and reloads for hardware replacement and adding keys and of course TFT dim upgrades.

Popular uses are for changing the headlight Logic (so off means off!) on P1 platform cars and adding trip computer or Cruise control.

It’s also great for reconfiguring imported cars such as Japanese imports. We can change Dashboard language and Units, Trip computer units, Radio language, radio frequency etc etc.

Rental of the Kit requires a £220 deposit. £100 of which is refunded on its safe return . Any other Software costs such as ECM reload) are extra and will be discussed prior to arrangement.

All work is undertaken remotely, all you have to do is plug it in and switch it on and we do the rest.