Now with “2018” P3 VIN support (Click to learn more)

Ethernet (not OEM, for SPA/CMA)Mongoose Pro*VxDiag (VcXNano)Clone*Genuine Compatible Clone**
DriversNot required32Bit
Vxmanager32Bit & 64Bit32Bit & 64Bit

All prices include tracked delivery in the UK or Tracked delivery to Europe.
*Clones are for use with Vida 2014d and Vdash, **Genuine Vida compatible clones are for use with Genuine Vida accounts (As well as all the other flavors)

What’s the difference between “Clone” and “Genuine Compatible Clone” ?
Clone’s identify themselves to Vida with the serial number “206761” , Genuine Vida – the latest Vida as used by a Volvo or Independent Volvo Specialists WILL NOT use a “206751” AT ALL!

Most enthusiasts use Vida 2014d / or Vida 2015a or Vdash. These do not care about the serial number, so most people do not need a “Genuine Compatible Clone”

SPA platform cars can only do software updates by VOE (Ethernet) cable

Mongoose Pro works with all versions of Vida and has beta support in Vdash (But will not do software updates on SPA platform cars and is not rated for programming with Vdash YET but does have beta diagnostics support with Vdash)

Vxdiag works with all versions of Vida and Vdash (But will not so software updates on SPA platform cars and i do not recommend programming in Vdash with it)

Mongoose Pro Vs Vxdiag Vs DiCE – Click Here!


Boot&Go and Laptop Bundles
No CableWith Mongoose* With VxdiagWith Clone DiCE
Boot&Go UK Delivery£95£155£155
Boot&Go EU Delivery£105£165£165

Laptop Packages
UK Delivery
No CableWith Mongoose*With VxdiagWith Clone DiCE
Basic Vida Laptop£195
Pro Vida Laptop£215
Pro SSD Vida

Laptop Packages
EU Delivery
No CableWith Mongoose*With VxdiagWith Clone DiCE
Basic Vida Laptop£230
Pro Vida Laptop£250
Pro SSD Vida
All prices include signed or tracked UK delivery or Tracked EU delivery as shown. Please get in touch directly to order a Laptop package. *Colour may vary from picture

Placing a Boot&Go Order? – For best compatibility with your laptop, it’s existing boot mode needs to be known. Do this simple test to find it out…Boot up your laptop then when it is fully loaded , Press the Windows key and R.
Then in the RUN box that pops up type msinfo32 and click OK.
In the window that now opens, read the “bios mode” It will be Legacy or UEFI . Order the one that’s your

Please feel free to contact me directly to place an order 🙂 you do not have to use the website.

DiCE Testing


A great deal of time is spent sourcing laptops that are the best condition and best spec for the price. This means that specifications will vary but usually for the better. The software environment does not change between Basic, Pro or Pro SSD – Just the performance . Vida is a Big slow old beast. Pro SSD is always recommended for the most enjoyable user experience.

  • Basic Laptop will be at a minimum Core2Duo Processor with 2GB ram (Dell latitude of HP EliteBook) but its usually a bit higher
  • Pro Will be Core i5 with 4GB ram Minimum
  • Pro SSD will be a Core i5 , 4GB Ram and 128GB Solid State hard drive minimum
  • All packages have the following software environment As well as Vida 2014D there is Vdash , Delphi , Haynes Pro and Vol-FCR and the 2014 electronic Wiring Diagrams , Office 2019 and Windows 10.

Warranty information

Feel free to get in touch to place an order or to discuss your options

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