Providing Diagnostics support to Volvo enthusiasts in areas such as

  • Clone DiCE for use with Vida 2014D/2015A and Vdash
  • Genuine Vida compatible DiCE Clones for use with Vida 2014D/2015A , Genuine Vida and Vdash
  • Ethernet cable for SPA platforms
  • Vxdiag for use Vida 2014D/2015A , Genuine Vida and Vdash
  • Mongoose Pro for use Vida 2014D/2015A , Genuine Vida and Vdash
  • Vida 2014D pre installed and ready to rock laptops (as well as other complimentary software)
  • Boot&Go! -Portable diagnostics installation – For more information on Boot&Go! click here
  • For more information and prices on these items click here or get in touch
  • For CEM pin Decoding why not check out ModUnlock – the handheld portable CEM pin Decoder

Are there any other Services Provided ?

  • SVDNS can provide remote CEM PIN unlocking for use with Vdash (all models from 1999 onwards)
  • Speed Limiter removal (inc 2021 Polestar cars)
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote Module reloads (from the CEM upwards, particularly popular are P1 platform ECM reloads for immobilizer faults)
  • Key Programming
  • MOST / ITP security delete
  • Other advanced configuration changes not supported by Volvo main dealers

Check out the BLOG page for useful information


      1. So where is the best place to buy Vida dice?, I m just the guy who donโ€™t like pay to mechanic so I fixing everything by my self, so as a person not company I can still buy this program and have it?

  1. I have a 2007 c70 d5 that will not start after winter when battery died. New battery fitted but no ignition lights only key not recognised !
    Local Volvo garaged checked and tells me their computer is telling them it’s not a C70 D5 but V50 petrol ! Any ideas / help would be appreciated

  2. I’m glad you found a way around the problem, Mate, I found your previous site very helpful, so I’d be sad to see you disapear.

  3. Such a shame that all the info is lost! I am a big fan of dedicated forums away from facebook as you have full control and can keep everything backed up. I have ran my own forum for well over 14 years and in my opinion they are the best source of information

  4. Itโ€™s a real shame that you were forced into this due to idiotic dick heads enforcing their bullshit rules! However like Phoenix rising from the ashes here you are! Glad you have risen above my friend!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  5. Hey, glad you contacted me as i was very confused as to why you weren’t around. FB is run by an idiot with huge monies

  6. What would I need for using on my 2003 xc90 t6. I have windows 10 on my laptop. Is it easy to used and understand bearing in mind I am female and not a mechanic ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi VVDE. I am trying to hook up Vida to my Volvos but I am getting the message “object doesn’t support property or method ‘Diagnosticallowed’ ” I got my Vida an laptop package from you a couple of years ago and have never had any problems. Only the Diagnostics page is not highlighted. Help.

  8. Does any package diagnose convertible roof problems (not opening) on Volvo 2001 C70.
    Also, should I need a new Roof Control Module, what devise will re-calibrate my roof

  9. Hello,

    I’ve seen picture of online VIDA. I presume we need to pay as the computer needs to be verified by volvo.


  10. Hello, I’m from China. I have a vdash Pro account. How can I unlock the CEM pin of spa vehicle

    Thank you first

  11. Hi, I went off a recommendation from one of these articles to purchase the Mongoose Pro. This works with Vida, but unfortunately does not work with Vdash. Is there something im doing wrong? I have the 64bit mongoose JLR driver installed, but i just get the “Detecting J2534 Interface” in red.
    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. Mongoose is listed as “**** Highly experimental – Dice is preferred” on the compatibility chart.
      Vdash keep saying full support will be “soon” . if there is somewhere else i have mistakenly said mongoose is fully supported in Vdash please let me know so i can correct it. Thanks!

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