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Providing Diagnostics support to Volvo enthusiasts in areas such as

  • Clone DiCE for use with Vida 2014D/2015A and Vdash and P3Tool
  • Genuine Vida compatible DiCE Clones for use with Vida 2014D/2015A , Genuine Vida and Vdash and P3Tool
  • Ethernet cable for SPA platforms for use with Vdash and Orbit
  • Vxdiag for use Vida 2014D/2015A , Genuine Vida and Vdash and P3Tool (Vxdiag are awful )
  • Mongoose Pro / Super J2534 for use Vida 2014D/2015A , Genuine Vida and Vdash and P3Tool
  • Vida 2014D pre installed and ready to rock laptops (as well as other complimentary software)
  • Boot&Go! -Portable diagnostics installation – For more information on Boot&Go! click here
  • For more information and prices on these items click here or get in touch
  • For CEM pin Decoding why not check out ModUnlock – the handheld portable CEM pin Decoder

Are there any other Services Provided ?

  • SVDNS can provide remote CEM PIN unlocking for use with Vdash (all models from 1999 onwards)
  • Speed Limiter removal for SPA / CMA platform (inc 2024 Polestar cars)
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote Module reloads (from the CEM upwards, particularly popular are P1 platform ECM reloads for immobilizer faults)
  • Key Programming
  • MOST / ITP security delete
  • Other advanced configuration changes not supported by Volvo main dealers

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  1. well done – looking forward to seeing all your efforts on a decent stage

      1. So where is the best place to buy Vida dice?, I m just the guy who don’t like pay to mechanic so I fixing everything by my self, so as a person not company I can still buy this program and have it?

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