Dice Vs VXdiag (VcxNano) Vs Mongoose Vs VOE


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Dice Vs VXdiag (VcxNano) Vs Mongoose Vs VOE- Which you should buy, and Why.

Mongoose is also sometimes called “Super J2534”

I stock both VxDiag and DiCE and Mongoose and VOE , I don’t care which you buy as long as you understand your choice.

When worldwide DiCE supplies get low, prices rocket and people start looking for an alternative and they see the adverts on eBay stating that Vxdiag is better than Dice and supplied with a better version of Vida and these are just plain outright lies. There is no metric (except price) that you can measure that Vxdiag or Mongoose bests a DiCE on (However the Price / ability argument of Dice Vs Mongoose is compelling, Mongoose it usually a smarter choice)

VxDiag VCXNANO are rubbish. But they do “work”.

Vxdiag has a license that expires every 3 months that has to be renewed with the VXManager software. It will actually stop functioning until renewed.

Vxdiag are inferior in every way and harder to install with software so crappy that it will trigger your antivirus to try to burn it with fire (I actually made a Vxdiag install guide just for it because its so annoying SEE HERE) .

VxDiag also have a poor physical design and the USB ports break way to easily . They adverts usually also say they have some newer Vida (Called Vida2015a – this is just a rebranded Vida2014d it has no extra models or supported Vins).

With Vdash now having full support for Mongoose, there is no good reason to buy a VxDiag, EVER.

Mongoose Pro has really no downsides. It’s reliable , robust and easy to install, it supports all version of Vida has Vdash, it can also be used very nicely for Boot mode module recovery with Genuin Vida or Vdash..

But does any of this actually matter ??? Well, it really depends on you and what you’re looking to achieve.

For basic code reading with Vida2014d / Vdash , Vxdiag is fine, on P3 platform and newer cars VXDIAG poor performance starts to show its weakness mostly due to its slowness. SPA platform cars, forget about it.

DiCE and Mongoose are a hardware J2534-2 passthrough device. VXdiag VcxNano is a software emulated J2534-2 passthrough, so as jobs get harder more complex or the cars get more complex, they start to show the deficits.

The limitations of Vxdiag may not seem obvious straight away, but further down the line they might show up.

For instance, say you have a C30 and you want someone to remotely activate the trip computer or heated seats, if you haven’t got a DiCE or Mongoose unit then its not really possible.

The compatibility matrix below also shows some comparable operation times. You can see that even the most basic of work (like reading the Vin) is significantly different.

Now l’m not saying that because waiting a minute instead of 20 seconds will change your life, but it is as a demonstration that the Ebay / Whoever sales saying its faster and better than DiCE are lies and in my option, Vxdiag is only safe / suitable for the MOST BASIC of work (IE reading / clearing fault codes).

I personally would never entertain any module programming on a customers car with Vxdiag. Also, Vxdiag in Genuine Vida is hit and miss, I have had several customers try to use Vxdiag with genuine VIDA and fail. It has worked for me in testing.

However also in testing the VXDIAG has bricked the CEM on a customer car. Very simple job, all i wanted to do was was change the rolling cirvumerhacne to fix the speedometer accuracy….and dead car. Luckily not a big job for myself to fix.

Mongoose Is small, simple robust and quick and my preferred alternative to DiCE for a quick code read on a car or programming with Vida / Vdash. It is supported by all flavors of VIDA and Vdash support is 99.9% the same as DiCE

VOE cables are solely for use with the new SPA and CMA platform cars. They are not supported by VIDA 2014D or 2015A. They are supported by Genuine VIDA and Vdash .

Genuine DiCEClone DiCE (206751)MongooseVcxNano***VOE
Vida 2014D / 2015a SupportYesYesYesYesNo
Vdash SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Genuine VidaYes (No SPA software DL)NoYes (No SPA software DL)Yes (No SPA software DL)SPA only
ProgrammingVida/Vdash Vdash Vida/VdashVida/ Vdash – SlowSPA only
P3 CEM pin Cracking8-24hrs8-24hrs8-24Hours50+ HrsNo
12v Module recoveryYesYesYesRiskyN/A
P1 platformVida / VdashVida / VdashVida / VdashVida / VdashNo
P2 PlatformVida / VdashVida / VdashVida / VdashVida / VdashNo
P3 PlatformVida* / VdashVida* / VdashVida* / VdashVida* / VdashNo
SPA PlatformVida** / VdashVida** / VdashVida**Vida / Vdash***Genuine Vida
*Vida2014d upto My2019 exc SPA platofrm (see this link),
** Genuine Vida Only ,
***Slower than Dice. Always use the latest drivers for Mongoose and Vxdiag.

All of these cables are available to buy in the webshop here


  1. This is all confusing to me. I am computer literate but I’m not sure what I need. I just bought a 2001 c70 convertible. It has a fault in the fact that when you put the top up it has to be manually finished to raise the rear window and complete. I am told I need to be able to read and reset something. Has a brand new top. Another thing is it won’t start the first time it’s turned over. I need to diagnose that also. I want to book it up and do these things on my own. What do I need?

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