Quite often a change in Internet Explorer Security settings stop the DiCE functionality in Vida. It’ sometimes caused by windows updates (for .net framework) but not always.

It has a very quick fix, a fix that has actually been on the Vida Installation Dvd since day 1.

So if ever you are confronted with this place holder instead of your DiCE name , navigate on to the DVD (or your downloaded installation files) and go into “Install\Utils” and look for EnableIEHostingx64.reg and EnableIEHostingx86.reg.

If you have a 64Bit windows use the x64 and if you have a 32Bit windows use the X86.

By use i mean double click it and then OK the 2 prompts that follow.

Reboot and all will be well 🙂

You can also download the reg fixes from here

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  1. I did this with one of your pre loaded laptops and unfortunately I get this error now

    Http starus 404 -/Vida
    Type:status report
    Message: /vida
    Description: the requested resource (/vida) is not available

    Any suggestions?

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