P3 Platform Flappy paddle retrofit – It’s really easy!

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Thanks to the work of Edwin Sundar and others the below linked page gives a really good guide on how to add flappy paddle shifters to your P3 platform car. It is really easy. even more so if you dont care about the Crystal gear shifter knob.

See this article Here

But I’m going to make it even simpler…This is basically what I Did to my 2011 T6 – Great upgrade.

  1. Buy Steering wheel from Ebay that has flappy paddles already (Mine was from a 2016 V40)
  2. Buy Steering wheel module (SWM) and stalks from a 2014+ model that suits your car (i.e. has a rear wiper button if you have a rear wiper)
  3. Buy a Gear Shift module (GSM) from a 2014+ model (I used a 2017 XC60 GSM – All p3 GSM are physically interchangeable)
  4. buy 4 x repair terminals 30656669 to wire the paddle shift compatible SWM to the paddle Shift compatible GSM
  5. Put it all together – Done

It really is simple (largley in part to Edwin’s work)


  1. Hi, can you supply all of the items needed to fit the “F-P” wheel to my car ?

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