Do ETM’s need coding?

Magenti Marelli Electronic Throttle Modules are not to be confused with BOSCH Throttle Bodies. they are entirely different and not cross compatible.

BOSCH TB’s do not need coding. Simply plug and play. However MM ETM’s do need coding.

I had heard anecdotal evidence that they will “Self Code” if left with the ignition on for 30 minutes.

I’ve always been high dubious of it, but i had a chance to try it with a customer.

Now normally a new ETM needs either loading with VIDA (Genuine Vida) or if you very friendly with VDASH they can prepare an ETM relaod for you.

With this in mind a new Blue box ETM was ordered.

And we tried it. We hooked it up, left it for 30 minutes and bloody hell it worked.

But there is still a grain of doubt in my mind because 1) We didn’t try to start the car immediately after connecting the new ETM and 2) we did scan the car for fault codes immediately after waiting.

Why does that matter? Because the NEW ETM box says “Exchange” on it. Does that mean its a rebuilt ETM with a used and programmed control board that invalidates the experiment? We dont know. But I’d love to hear from anyone else that has tried this method .

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