Why a “Lock kit” is nearly always the wrong choice for a dead CEM or ECM or BCM or lost/broken keys

(Well nearly always……)

So, you’ve got a dead CEM or ECM, bcm or you have lost or damaged your keys , and it seems the only way forward is to get a “lock kit” off eBay and that will cure all the issues. STOP ! NO! it just makes the situation worse, OK maybe the car will drive afterwards but will it be worth it?

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The first thing most people get wrong with a “Lock Kit” or “Cem kit” or “ECU” kit is that most sellers dont actually know what modules are required to make a car at the minimum start and drive, and of course it varies by platform and model year.

I will explain in general why, then break it down to more specifics by model / year.

  1. Vin of the chassis and Vin of the electronics will be different. This is a big problem when using the Vin to look stuff up or getting software updates etc.
  2. Car will appear to be Millage clocked. Most countries in the world have some kind of annual testing or licensing that records the millage. Your millage will change to that of the new CEM and depending on what other parts you change there many also be a fault code for millage manipulated. So records of your cars millage will look unusual.
  3. The Cars physical configuration will not match its electronic configuration. Just one example (of many many MANY!)….PACOS thats Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch. If the Donor CEM expects there to be a PACOS and there isnt, you will have a permanent RED MOT fail SRS warning and Vice Versa , if there is a PACOS and there should not be, you will have to unplug the PACOS switch. So now you have a no functional PACOS switch.
  4. Following on from above, it trickles down to the smallest of things, for instance….You swap in an CEM kit from a car that has a higher Audio level than yours, or a lower audio level, or a different amp, now you’ve got no infotainment, and what if its a car with some driver assists (lane departure warning maybe as an example) , if there is any fault with the infotainment that stops the alerts working, the driver assists will be disabled.
  5. Or if you swap in a Donor CEM from a car that has Parking sensors but your car doesn’t have parking sensors, permeant Park assist service required”

In summary it will create a Frankenstein car with a bunch off issues.

If the CEM is damaged it can be cloned to a donor unit.

If the CEM is dead / missing a used unit can be made virgin and reloaded with Vida or a new one from Volvo.

If the ECM is damaged it can be cloned to a donor unit.

If the ECM is dead / missing a used unit can be made virgin and reloaded with Vida or a new one from Volvo.

For keys, read this.

The model by model will take some time to flesh out, but i will try to make a start on it….So this is a basic list of what’s required for “start and drive”

P2 C70, V70 , S60, XC70 , S80, XC90 = CEM, ECM, Key, ignition barrel (and UEM if remote central locking desired)

P1 C30, C70, V40, V50 = CEM, ECM, SCL, Key

P3 V40, V60, XC60, XC70, V40, V70, S60, S80 Pres sensus and Sensus = CEM, ECM, SCU, SCL, Key + KVM if fitted + BCM if a V40

P3 V40, V60, XC60, XC70, V70, S60, S80 Sensus Connect = CEM, ECM, SCU, SCL, BCM, KVM, Key

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