What is Super J2534?

The Short answer is a mongoose pro chipset cable for Vida, but the long answer is a little more complicated.

We started testing Mongoose pro cables many years ago and found that when it came to Vida, it really was much better than DiCE. In Terms of price, performance and reliability, it out performed “Clones” hands down.

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But there were 2 problems, 1) it wasn’t supported by Vdash and 2) low quality fakes.

  1. With it not being supported by Vdash there really was no point in pushing it as a DiCE replacement, but then Joyous day I managed to convince the guys at D5T5 to spend some time looking into it and they agreed – the device performed better than DiCE in every way you could measure and they added full support.
  2. Over in China they make (at least) 4 different flavors of the cable with different processors, designs and build quality. D5T5 and I work with the same supplier who makes the best quality units with the Correct original Atmel ARM processor (or MCU) making it stand out as the best option . During testing we have found the other designs to be unreliable , unstable (crash the canbus when plugged in) and frequently dead out of the box.

So What is Super J2534 ? It is the best choice for use with your Volvo*. It is fully compatible with ALL versions of Vida, Vdash and P3Tool.

Want to know more about all the different fakes out there, read more HERE

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*V40 and S40 classic REQUIRE a Full chip DiCE, P80 platform cars prefer Full Chip DiCE.

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  1. Hi I currently have a 2010 volvo c70 se lux. It has a roof fault and I need to have the diagnostics to point me in the right direction rather than guessing. I have a good spare laptop I can use as a dedicated unit. Can you advise what I need to achieve this.
    Kind regards
    Derek Hackett

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