Restoring SPA car configuration with VDASH to factory

To be fair, this is the same procedure for all platforms really.

  1. Set the car to active mode (turn the power nob for 4 seconds without starting the engine)
  2. Start Vdash.
  3. Login to Vdash.
  4. Hit connect in the top left once it is showing your vin
  5. If it says the ignition is not on, choose ignore
  6. Wait for Vdash to scan the car.
  7. The click Car configuration in the top right.
  8. Then click Restore Original Previous configuration and choose the original configuration
  9. Select original at the top, then next
  10. Then press the green tick in the bottom right to apply the changes.
  11. It will then ask you to confirm that you are ready to continue.
  12. Wait for it to complete
  13. disconnect everything and close all the doors and lock the car and leave it locked for 10 minutes for the new settings to take effect.
  14. Your Done!

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