Volvo’s Android Auto security – is this even legal ?

Around 2022 Volvo moved from its long established Sensus operating system for the SPA and CMA platform cars to what is know as iCUP , Android Auto or AAOS.

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This move added an extra layer of security to the car which means that you cannot clear ANY fault codes with out using VIDA or a 3rd party program like Vdash or Orbit.

HOWEVER! to clear the codes with 3rd party programs you need a pin code rather like the CEM pin code you may of heard about.

This is the VGM (Vehicle Gateway Module) pin code that is required.

So NO odb2 tools can perform ANY service functions on the car because the VGM is protecting the network.

Is this even legal? forcing all servicing to be done through Vida / Volvo?

You can read about it in more detail on VDASH website

So, how do you get your VGM pin code, well basically the same methods as any with any CEM pin code, there is no brute for method for getting the VGM pin. A Vdash pro is the best person to speak to , so, feel free to CONTACT US if you want to do your own servicing.

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