“See product sign for marking”…wut??

When looking to replace the springs or dampers on your Volvo, you’ve probably gone into the parts catalogue, looked at the list of 30 different springs and asked WTF that all means.

Which do i need? isnt it obvious… “See product sign for marking” lol.

What is the product sign, where is and how does it help ?

The “Product Sign” is an extra label on the car that contains a lot of the specifics of the cars build.

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So how do we make sense of it…

Step one of course will be to go to your parts catalogue, look at the suspension section and then for instance click the number next to the spring (12 in this example). Then you will notice two links in the list of parts . In this example there are two because the its split by cahssis number

Identification plate V70 FC 1; CH -239184, FC 2; CH -244662, XC70 CH -74696, S60 CH -178053

In this example the the link is for V70’s with a chassis number less than 239184, chassis numbers less than 244662, XC70 with chassis number less than 74696 and S60 with chassis number less than 178053…., the second link is for chassis numbers higher than those stated in the 1st link.

So lets click the link!

We get the identification plate page as pictured earlier.

From there we can look at position 20 for instance and see that the front strut assembly is “2L” , we can now go back to the parts catalogue and look for our MARKED 2L spring and get the part number and then do the same for the Damper or anti roll bar (stabilizer bar) .

Suspension related markings….

20 Spring strut complete, front
21 Stabilizer bar, front
22 Spring strut complete, rear
23 Stabilizer bar, rear
24 Helper spring bump rubber, front
25 Helper spring bump rubber, rear

Here is an example

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