GetCommToolSettingObject error in Vida (Windows 10)

So you were happily using Vida with internet explorer, then the next day …Boom – No DiCE. both literally and figuratively.

Basically, your now in Edge browser. At some point windows asked if you want Edge Browser to take over as default and you answered yes.

Providing you have not received the windows updates that make Internet explorer PERMANANTLY unavailable, its easy to fix.

In Edge, go to the three dots in the top right hand corner, then scroll all the way to to settings and click settings.

Now go to Default browser

Set “Let internet explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge” to Never

And thats it really.

However, if you have received the feature updates that basically removes internet explorer, you will have to use one these 4 options

  1. IE mode in edge (See Here)
  2. IE Tab in Edge (See Here ok, this is for chrome but its the same concept)
  3. IE Tab in chrome (See Here)
  4. Roll back the update and block the update (See Here)

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