Microsoft Edge, Please do FK off.

Edge has been truly forced upon us now it the latest security updates in w7, 8, and 10 depreciating (removing) access to internet explorer.

But I found a handy little work around.

But before that, there really isnt anything wrong with running Vida in Edge. The only really issue is that every 90 days Edge will forget that it has to launch Vida in IE mode, i mean jeeze Microsoft, why have it time out evry 90 days? so it’s just long enough that everyone forgets what to do? Every week would be better than every 3 months, right?

Anyway….So why keep battling to use Internet explorer? BECAUSE FK YOU MICROSOFT thats why hahaha.

So here is my Handy dandy very simple work around for keeping Vida launching in internet explorer if thats what you want.

  1. Set IE as the default browser (this varies by operating system, but in W10 for instance, type “default” into the start menu and choose “default Apps” , then scroll down to “web browser”, click it and choose “Internet Explorer” and clolse the window)
  2. Create a desktop short cut to http://localhost/Vida (To Do this, right click on the desktop, then go to new, then Shortcut, then type “http://localhost/Vida” as the “location”, click next, Type a Nice name Such as “Vida IE” and hit finish. FYI that path is case sensitive! You can also change the icon back to the Vida Icon.
  3. Done

It’s Really simple. It seems to totally bypass the checks that would normally force a webpage to load in Edge. Quality Microsoft programming, or an on purpose back door ?

Set default Browser to IE
Create Short cut to http://localhost/Vida

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