Red DiCE – red WHAT now ?

So it seems now along with Green PCB DiCE, the very old Blue PCB DiCE, the blue PCB fake DiCE that are not actually DiCE, we now have RED DiCE!

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But hey!, they actually seem to be a very well built 206571 clone.

Really the only significant differences seem to be the RED OBD2 connector and red PCB.

They use the desirable M30855FJGP MCU and some quality AMD and Samsung chips.

I have tested this unit with Vida and Vdash , I have performed an ECM reload on my V60 (which is a pretty big job for a clone) and made config changes all without issue.

I have not seen them at any retailers yet, I got this one for testing directly from the manufacturer in China.

However these days, who needs a DiCE?

All versions of Vida and Vdash support the more reliable mongoose, so why choose a DiCE clone at all?

The only case scenario I can currently think of are for remote tuners who’s software can only use DiCE.

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